10 Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

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Having a pet isn’t as simple as it sounds. Maintaining a clean home while owning a dog or cat can be cumbersome. Getting rid of any unwanted stains, stench, and dirt is now easier to do with our handy tips about keeping your home neat and tidy while enjoying the company of a beloved pet.

Expert Advice from Professional Cleaners

  • Use a duct tape: If you don’t have a lint roller lying around, use a duct tape to catch any pet fur. Duct tape is pretty sticky and is very effective in removing fur from any surface. Wrap duct tape (with its sticky side out, of course) around a rectangular sponge to get into corners and crevices.


  • Baking soda is your best friend: Baking soda is such an effective stain and bacteria remover that it should come in giant tubs at the grocer’s. First of all, if you have a pet bed or intend on buying one, make sure to get a bed that has a removable cover or top layer. You can easily remove it and stick it in the washing machine. While detergent can remove stains and odours, adding a cup of baking soda can really raise the stakes. Make sure to use a hot cycle for laundering pet accessories. If your furniture is starting reek from pet odour, generously pouring baking soda will remove any stains and unwanted smells in no time. Just let it sit on the affected area for at least twenty minutes, then vacuum the baking soda.


  • Don’t neglect collars and toys: Sometimes pet owners forget to clean collars and toys that it ends up smelly and dirty. Keep your home smelling fresh and clean by not neglecting to wash your pet’s accessories. You can stick the collar and toys in your dishwasher for a fast clean, but it’s always best to deep clean pet accessories. Soak collars and toys in hot water and dog shampoo for thirty minutes. Rinse in cold water and let it air dry. Of course, not all accessories are made of the same materials. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s care instructions first.


  • Keep white vinegar handy: White vinegar, aside from baking soda, is an effective odour eliminator. Keep white vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz on the affected area evenly, making sure not to soak it. Leave it to dry and voila! No more wet dog smell.
  • Groom your pet regularly: Most animals shed (except for a few breeds that don’t or rarely shed) and if you don’t follow a strict cleaning schedule within your home, pet fur can become a part of the decor sooner rather than later. Make it a habit to groom your pet especially when its breed is known to be heavy shedders. Buy gentle grooming brushes to help remove any dander and stray fur before it even spreads around your home.


  • The litter box should be emptied more often: Owning a pet cat has its perks, but cleaning its litter box can easily become a chore. If your home reeks of litter box stench, that means you’re not cleaning it more often than you should. Make it a point to clean out the litter box twice a day.


  • Have a spray bottle full of stain remover handy: No matter how housebroken a pet may be, mishaps here and there do happen. A handy spray bottle that you can easily grab when an accident happens will help minimise cleaning time. Also, putting off cleaning up after your pet is unhygienic. Bacteria and diseases could easily spread and affect you and other members of your family.


  • Mind your feet (aka paws): Keeping a good quality doormat and a washable rug by the door can help clean up paws after playtime and it’s time for pets come back inside. No need for additional training -: You’ll be surprised at how much dirt and debris comes off their paws just by simply walking over the doormat and rug.
  • Invest in a cover-up: By now you might have noticed that your pet has a few of his own favourite spots. If one of these places is on the couch or other piece of furniture, invest in a cover-up that you can easily remove when YOU want to use it, or when you have guests over. Any fur or dirt that would usually stick to the upholstery is now on the cover- up. Stick it in the laundry for a hassle-free cleaning.


  • Invest in quality materials: Whether its collar, pet brush, or even your furniture, buying things made of quality materials can definitely help your home look more put together. It will also save you money in the long run. Constantly replacing pet accessories can put a dent in your wallet.



Having a pet around doesn’t have to be stressful. Treating them as if they are a part of the family lets you prioritise their overall health and well-being. For clean ups that are just too much of a chore, easily book a cleaner with us online. Our highly trained professional cleaners are equipped with the right materials and tools to help keep your home spotless and clean just for you and your four-legged friends.

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