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It’s easy to ignore the task of washing the walls at home because most of us prioritise chores that require our immediate attention like washing the dishes, and keeping up with dirty laundry. While wall washing is not something you need to do weekly, it is best to clean the walls at least two times per year to keep them free of spots and dust.

A build up on the wall is common during the winter months when your home is heated with oil furnaces, which is why we recommend that homeowners do a thorough cleaning of their walls in the spring to wipe down scrapes, scuffs and other marks that can distort the colours and patterns of the walls.

Doing a thorough cleaning of the walls in the spring and fall is typically sufficient to have a pristine background for your home. But if you have kids who tend to mistake the walls for canvas, then you may need to dust and wash the structure more often.

In this article, we give plenty of useful advice to help you learn the proper ways to maintain the freshly painted look on your walls:

Vacuum and Dust

Spiders like to build webs in the areas between ceilings and walls, so the first thing you need to do is to wipe away debris and cobwebs from the corners of the wall using a high-reaching broom or a handheld vacuum that has an extension nozzle. The wand attachment on the vacuum will make it easier for you to remove cobwebs. Just make sure to go over the corners a few times to completely suck up the spider webs. If you see any loose debris in hard-to-reach areas, use a small stepladder so you can properly clean high up areas and tight spaces.

Thorough cleanings

A deep cleaning of the walls during spring and fall helps keep weekly cleanings to a minimum.

Here are the steps to get grease marks and smudges off the wall:

  • Make a cleaning solution with a tablespoon of dish-washing liquid, and 20 ounces of water. Keep this solution in a spray bottle so you can spritz it on the wall and let it sit for at least five minutes.
  • Have a bucket filled with lukewarm water ready, so you can clean your sponge as you work on wiping each section of the wall. Wipe off drips as you go, and wring out the sponge often to avoid getting too much water onto the walls.

A deep cleaning of the walls in your house goes beyond a standard cleaning, so if you cannot commit to spending a few hours removing stains, and smudges, it may be best to have expert cleaners take on the dirty work for you. By hiring a cleaning company, you can be sure that the walls in every room are thoroughly cleaned, and that high-traffic areas like the kitchen walls, and the living room walls will receive greater attention from the cleaners.

Consider The Type of Paint

If your wall is coated with enamel or semi-gloss paint, then you can follow the cleaning method outlined above, as this type of paint can stand up to washing. However, if the wall has flat finishes, you need to be more careful in the type of cleaning solution you use, so you do not end up with a damaged paint. To clean a wall with a flat finish, start by cleaning smudges using a soft sponge that is soaked in warm water. If plain water proves ineffective in getting unwanted marks off the wall, add a small amount of detergent to the warm water to create a light solution.

Make sure to add the gentlest cleaning solution you can find, to avoid creating conspicuous spots on the wall. Not sure whether a cleaning product is gentle enough to be used on your flat painted wall? Spot test the solution on a discreet section of the wall to ensure that it will not damage the paint.

If you are still unsure of the right cleaning solutions and equipment to use that will not damage the type of paint on your wall, it may be time to call in professional cleaners who specialise in providing wall washing services. Cleaners are trained to tackle the job using the right cleaning techniques, so you can have walls that look clean and pristine.

Start Cleaning from the Bottom

When cleaning the walls, the last thing you want is to have dirty water running down the surface, and leaving streaks as it dries. We’re sure you wouldn’t want the extra work that comes with getting the streaks out, so our advice is to begin scrubbing the walls in a circular motion at the bottom, and slowly work your way up. Work in vertical sections, and clean a four-foot area at a time, before proceeding to the next area.

Finish Up the Cleaning

Once you are done cleaning the entire wall from bottom to top, the last step is to blot damp areas with a clean cloth. This step is vital to avoid the formation of fungi and moulds that are caused by moisture on the wall. Blotting the areas to get rid of excess water can mean using a few pieces of dry cloth, so if you find that one clean cloth has gotten too damp, don’t hesitate to use another cloth that is completely dry and clean.


Keeping your home looking sparkly clean involves not just vacuuming the floors, and organising valuables. It also involves washing the walls at least every six months, so you have a beautiful backdrop that is free from dust and finger marks. However, wall cleaning is a time-consuming task that should not be underestimated. From using the right cleaning solution that will help take stain out without causing damage to the wall, to removing excess dampness from different sections of the structure, it can prove to be a complex task that is not easily completed in an hour.

So if you don’t want to take any chances when dealing with any debris on your walls, simply get in touch with us at Pristine Home, so we can deal with the dirt buildup and stubborn marks on your walls using safe and effective cleaning solutions.

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