How to Keep Dust Under Control in Your Home

How to Keep Dust Under Control in Your Home

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It is a fact of life that dust is simply everywhere. It’s there in the air, sometimes oddly magical when the light hits it just right and it floats and glitters in countless, infinitesimal specs. It’s there on the windowsill, less charming and more annoying, especially given that it’s only been five seconds since you last wiped it down. It’s there under your bed, in colonies of dust bunnies; it’s there outside, in the air you breathe in; it’s there inside when you walk into a seldom-opened room. It’s there, everywhere.

Given all this, it’s easy to feel as if you’re bound to fight a losing battle with dust. No matter how much you sweep, vacuum, wipe or scrub the surfaces in your home, dust will almost always immediately reappear and resettle the moment you’re done.

But while it’s true that you can’t completely get rid of all dust particles at home (after all, many of them are small enough to be invisible, even if your asthma or allergies will prove that looks can be deceiving), that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the dust situation under complete control.

Here are five tips and tricks to get those pesky dust bunnies under control.

Dust Regularly

The first solution is also the most obvious one. In order to keep the dust from piling up, you get to them before they do. Use a damp rag to wipe down countertops and surfaces so as not to stir up the particles. For the best results, do this little practice every day, making sure to integrate it seamlessly into your routine so as not to be too inconvenienced. For example, wipe down your kitchen surfaces—tables, countertops, prep areas, the top of the microwave, etc.–while waiting for the dishwasher to finish so you’re being productive with your time.

For floors, set aside a few minutes every day to vacuum, especially in areas of high traffic. Dedicate at least two days each week to mopping it with soapy water, too.


Wash, Wash, Wash

Wash your fabrics regularly, especially your bed sheets and pillows. Dust clings to fabrics easily, but unlike with hard surfaces, it’s not as easy to shake them off, nor even to see them, particularly with thick, dark fabrics. Bed sheets and pillows are notorious dust magnets; on top of the dust that naturally gathers as the day goes on, they also accumulate the grime that you bring in, over the hours we are sound asleep.

Dead skin cells (ewww!) are considerable sources of household dust, made worse by how close you would keep your pillows, blankets, and sheets to your body and face as while you sleep.

Wash fabrics once (or twice, if possible) weekly, and seriously consider investing in an allergen-proof cover for your mattress if you or anyone at home suffers from asthma or allergies. Wash what is machine washable, and thoroughly shake and smack those that aren’t.

Wash your fabrics

Declutter and Tidy Up

But the dust that your beddings and fabrics can gather is nothing to what clutter and messy spots can accumulate. Even a small pile of untouched papers can bring in a mountain of dust if you leave it alone long enough.

Decluttering and tidying up your space is not simply a trend to follow now while it’s cool, and forget about later when it’s no longer trending online. It’s a practice that should be a habit in order to have a cleaner and healthier home, a space that is good not only for your physical health but for your mental wellbeing as well.

Organize your spaces in small and big ways, especially the areas you spend the most time in, like your desk or bed. Sort out your papers and properly store them away. If you can’t attend to them right away, have a designated spot to set them aside in the meantime but make sure that you won’t take long to return to them. Give yourself a deadline, like making sure no papers go unread or unsorted for more than a week.

Cubbies and bins placed strategically throughout the house should also help prevent clutter and would allow for easy cleanup even if you leave these alone long enough. For example, have a bin for the kids’ toys in the living room and teach them to return their toys thereafter every playtime. It is easier to just dust or clears out one particular and fixed area rather than having messy spots every which way.

For this to work, a daily routine involving everyone in the household is needed—have the kids tidy up their play areas and even loop them into helping with wiping or mopping, while the adults vacuum and tidy up the rest of the house.

Declutter and Tidy Up

Have the Proper Tools

Aside from the usual vacuums, brooms, cleaning sprays, and rags, it’s also important to equip your home with the proper filtration systems. Not unlike a fish tank, the atmosphere of your home gets dirty overtime too, no matter your best efforts at cleaning your furniture.

In fact, the filtration systems for your heating and cooling is often the most overlooked component of a clean home air, even if it actually plays a very crucial part in managing the dust levels in your house. Check and replace these filters at least once a month, and also dedicate at least one day a week to cleaning your vents. When you allow the filters and vents to gather dust, you are allowing the dirt to circulate through your spaces.

No amount of vacuuming the floors or dusting the ceiling will help if the dust is the very air you breathe.

Upgrade your cleaning equipment as well, especially if the models are outdated. A vacuum should be replaced about every five to ten years, and various attachments are good for different dust-clearing needs. While vacuums can be an investment, you immediately reap the rewards with a cleaner home. In addition, also consider getting smaller vacuums specifically for surfaces like shelves and tables, to really get those often-forgotten corners.

bring the pro

Bring in the Home Cleaning Pros

Of course, all of the above-mentioned tips will require consistent time and commitment to the battle against dust, and sometimes, you just don’t have those to spare. Understandably, work and other commitments can take up your attention, and you sometimes just want to come home to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. In this case, getting professional cleaning services is the way to go.

Bringing in the pros not only guarantees your house will be squeaky clean and dust-free by the time you get home, but it also allows you to focus on other important aspects of your life such as work or spending precious time with your loved ones. With professional home cleaning services like Pristine Home you can come home and simply take a well-deserved breather.

Dust may always be all around you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it at the right levels for a clean and healthy home. Dedicate a few minutes each day to vacuuming floors and wiping down surfaces. Always wash your fabrics like curtains, rugs, carpets, and especially beddings and blankets.

Declutter your spaces so there’s no room for the dust to pile up. Equip yourself with the right tools like a clean filter or an efficient vacuum. Or simply have the professionals do all the dirty work, and bring in home cleaners like Pristine Home to give you the dust-free home you deserve.

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