How to Prepare Your House for Professional Cleaning


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Hiring professional cleaning services is a great choice for working individuals, and for people who have a busy family life. You can have expert cleaners coming into your home on a regular basis to keep dirt and clutter at bay, and to make sure that your home continues to look and smell refreshed even days after the cleaning appointment. But before you relax and let the cleaners do what they do best, it pays to know how you can make the most out of a cleaning visit.

A cost-effective cleaning experience starts with doing a few spot-checks and tidying up different areas within the house. You will still leave the real cleaning to the people you have hired for the job, but it is better to pick up the items lying around so that the cleaners can focus on the cleaning chores that require more attention.

Here, we outline some of the preparations you can do before a house cleaner arrives, so you can get the most thorough cleaning for your home:

Remove Clutter

Many of us are guilty of leaving dirty clothes on the floor, delaying the task of making the bed, and forgetting to put our shoes in the closet simply because we are in a hurry to clock-in at work, or to send the kids to school. Before you know it, the house is filled with clutter, from newspapers you have already read, to mail that you have yet to open. There are all sorts of items that, when left without a home, will make your house look like a complete mess.

While cleaners can help you to de-clutter before proceeding to wiping dirty surfaces, and removing stains from carpets, we advise that you straighten up various rooms in the house before a cleaning appointment, so that cleaners can spend a great amount of time cleaning, rather than organising your living space.

You don’t have to do everything the night before the cleaners arrive either. Start clearing the counter spaces of any objects a few days before the cleaning appointment, and pick up items that can obstruct the cleaning process. This way, you are allowing the cleaners to get more cleaning chores done within a stipulated time.

Be Helpful

Professional cleaners provide their service to a lot of different clients who live in homes and apartments of varying sizes. As such, it  may take a few cleaning visits for them to become familiar with the flow of your household, and to design a cleaning plan that will allow them to finish cleaning tasks more efficiently. As such, making yourself available to provide instructions on what area you would like them to focus on will go a long way in helping them deliver the best possible service.

This does not mean that you need to micromanage the cleaner’s job, but that you simply communicate what you expect from the service, and what type of cleaning you would like done at your home. And since you are here to learn about the ways to maximise a cleaning service, we recommend that you instruct cleaners to prioritise cleaning tasks that take up the most time, or those that you dislike doing yourself. This may include steaming the mattress, scrubbing bathtubs and toilet bowls, dusting light fixtures, and unclogging the sink.

In addition to listing their primary tasks, you might also want to leave instructions on the areas that they should clean only if they have any extra time, and which parts of the house you don’t want them to clean. When you communicate your priorities, cleaners are guided properly, and are able to take on tasks that you would find challenging to do on your own.


Be Friendly

Creating a good relationship with cleaners is not something that many homeowners think about when they first hire maid services. But if you know anyone working in the service industry, then you have probably heard of horror stories about customers berating their servers, or clients who are simply being inconsiderate. It is no different for cleaners who work in the same industry, which is why we advise clients to be friendly towards their cleaners. This will not only make work more enjoyable for them, but will also motivate them to go above and beyond their duties.

Secure any important items

You cannot expect your cleaners to learn where every item belongs if you do not talk out the process the first time they are at your place. Working around someone else’s house is a complex task, and cleaners may mistake your insurance paperwork for trash, or your slightly used towels for dirty laundry if you leave them lying around during a cleaning visit. To avoid the trouble of looking for your bank statements, and other important items, place them in a secure place prior to the cleaners’ arrival.


Manage your expectations

There are certain duties you can’t expect from a cleaner – like looking after your kids, sorting out the recycling, washing outside windows, and moving furniture. While cleaners may be willing to perform deep cleaning tasks, expect to pay an additional fee for these chores, as they are not included in a standard clean. If you really need help with extra tasks, you can ask the cleaning company or your cleaners if they can take on the chores for an additional payment, or if they have a service they can recommend.

Provide feedback

After the first cleaning session, we recommend sending an email containing your feedback about the service. Noticed a cleaning process that the cleaners can improve on? Impressed with how well they cleaned your home? Speak with someone from the cleaning company to give constructive feedback. If you don’t, the cleaners may not be able to fully understand your cleaning requirements for the subsequent cleaning sessions.


Doing small preparations before a cleaning appointment makes a world of difference to the way your house is cleaned. By tidying up and providing specific instructions to cleaners, you are able to draw the line between the cleaners’ job, and the chores that you prefer to do yourself.

At Pristine Home, we take time to understand your cleaning needs by listening to your feedback, and maintaining communication with you throughout the process. This is to ensure that you get the most out of the cleaning service you are paying for.

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