How to Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Carpets – 5 Carpet Stain Removers

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I take pride in my home and nothing irritates me more than to see a ghastly carpet stain sticking out like a sore thumb. While stains are pretty unavoidable given that I am a mum of three small children, I see no harm in trying my very best to remove them.

Having just recently purchased our house a few months ago, I was raring to give the space some upgrade. I knew that installing a carpet in our bedrooms with plush fibres will cost us a pretty penny but in the long run it would have been a good investment — provided that the carpet was well taken care of, that is.

Carpet Care

Your carpet, just like any other item in your house, needs some tender loving care.

Carpets can be pretty costly, and installing it even more. With carpet prices starting at least $20 per square metre, and installation at upwards of $25 per square metre, proper care and maintenance is paramount.

I know it can be easy to forget about the carpet but if you really think about it, it deserves some time and attention from you. It’s one of the very few household items that we use frequently. And by frequently I mean practically every single day.

Simply just vacuuming your carpet isn’t enough and admittedly, carpet stains can be an eyesore (and a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew) if you have not gotten around to removing them yet.

Here are some tips that can help bust that stain out your carpets:

Before Anything, Act Quickly

The ultimate secret to removing stains is to simply remove it as soon as possible. The longer the stain sits on your carpet, the more work you’ll have to do.

If there are any physical debris, carefully remove it using a fork or spoon. As much as possible don’t apply any pressure. Pressing the material deeper into the fibres of the carpet will just leave a stain that’s harder to get rid of.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Carpets - 5 Carpet Stain Removers

Top Household Stain Removers

Found in the very depths of our homes are items that, believe it or not, can double up as stain removers. These common household products have properties that have been tried and tested to be effective in removing stains:


For now you’ll have to hold that jug, bud. Beer has been a proven coffee or tea stain remover on carpets. Simply pour a bit of beer on the stain and gently rub. You might have to repeat the process a couple of times but the stain should come off. As for the rest of the beer… bottom’s up!


Basically the king of stain removal (and cleaning in general), vinegar is a staple in every mum’s kitchen cabinet. I’ve used vinegar for a variety of stains. Check it out:

  • Light carpet stains need 2 tablespoons salt dissolved in half a cup of white vinegar. After letting the solution dry on the stain, vacuum. Darker colored stains need borax, so add 2 tablespoons of it into the mixture.
  • Fruit and fruit-juice stains are pretty tough to remove but vinegar can help lift those stains away from your carpet. Mixing 1 tablespoon laundry detergent with 1 1/2 tablespoons white vinegar and adding the mixture to two cups of water should do the trick. Really rub the solution into the stain and blot away.
  • For dirt stains, mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to make a paste. Using a dry cloth rub the paste into the stain. Let the paste rest on the stain and then vacuum off.


Salt isn’t just used for cooking. It’s an effective stain remover too!

  • Spilled red wine on your carpet? Don’t sweat! First, pour white wine over it to neutralise the color. Clean the area with cold water and a sponge and then sprinkle with salt. Wait for ten minutes then vacuum.
  • Admit it, you’ve dropped greasy food on the carpet at least once. To remove such stains, mix up 1 part salt to 4 parts rubbing alcohol and rub away. Make sure to rub in the direction of the carpet’s natural nap.
  • Oh no, the dreaded ketchup! Act quickly as it will be a tougher stain to get rid of if you wait longer. Just sprinkle salt on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and the vacuum. Use a sponge to get rid of any leftover residue. Continue the salt and vacuum tandem until the stain is completely gone.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mystery stain got you thinking about where it came from? Hydrogen peroxide comes to your rescue. To remove stains that have been lying around (and you have no idea what these stains are), you’ll need 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, cream of tartar or non-gel toothpaste. A teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with a bit of cream of tartar or non-gel toothpaste is an effective mixture to remove the stain. Rub it on the stain using a soft cloth and then rinse. The mysterious stain should be removed. Case closed!

Baking Soda

Bodily fluids like urine and vomit on carpets are a pain to remove but baking soda can be your best friend. Not only does it clean the stain off, but it also sanitizes and deodorises the messy spot. Wipe off whatever you can and then pour baking soda into the stain. Pat with a paper towel and then let it sit until it becomes dry. Vacuum the stain. Baking soda is a powerful grease stain remover too. Mix equal parts salt and baking soda, pour over the stain and using a steel brush really work the dry mixture into the stain. After 4 to 5 hours, you can now use a vacuum
off the dreaded residue. Easy peasy!

Maintenance is Key

Well-maintained carpets give telltale signs of how much you value and take care of your home. It can easily make or break a sale when you intend to eventually let go of the property in the future. A simple maintenance routine, along with a few of some common household items, can lengthen the lifespan of any carpet. At Pristine Home we value your home as much as you do. Our services range from simple cleaning to (you guessed it) carpet cleaning and maintenance. Pristine Home is your partner is all things neat and tidy.

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