Preparing Your Home for Baby’s Arrival

Preparing Your Home for Baby's Arrival

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Children, in general, have a funny way of putting things into perspective.

What once was a priority to you would soon take a backseat once a baby comes into the picture.

Preparing your home for his or her arrival is one of the many things that you’re thinking of and to help you get things going, we have some things for you to consider before your lives change completely.

Be Baby-Ready

Deep Clean

By now you should have already decided whether to co-sleep with your baby or let him sleep in the nursery. Either way, deep cleaning should be a priority, especially where baby intends to sleep.

A deep clean is different from your usual cleaning routine in the sense that it really gets into all the nooks and crannies of the room. A simple wipe down wouldn’t be enough. There are tasks like scrubbing the walls, washing window screens, vacuuming the carpet… and with the baby on its way, these are tasks you shouldn’t really be worrying about at this point. Contact us and we can do the rest for you so you have more time to focus on other important things.

Shoes at the Door

Make it a habit to leave shoes at the door before entering the baby’s room. Our shoes are laden with dirt and germs, and we want to keep our home as tidy as possible when the baby gets home. Don’t be afraid to ask visitors to do the same.

Get Down and Crawl

Preparing Your Home for Baby's Arrival

A crawling infant may seem like light years away but ask any parent and they’ll say otherwise. For some strange reason, what once was a helpless crying newborn will suddenly become a crawling, curious baby almost overnight. Save yourself the hassle of safe checking your home by doing it now, before you and your partner are sleep-deprived.

From our point of view we may not see any safety hazard or dangerous items so it is best to get down on your knees and pretend to be a baby (crying is optional). There might be exposed wires or plugs that need to be covered, or perhaps some chemicals like cleaning agents that are easily within a baby’s reach when our backs are turned. Checking these things out now (rather than later) is a wise thing to do.

Keep medicines, chemicals, and other hazardous materials in a securely locked cabinet where only you, your partner, and another grown up have access to.

Prepare the Guest Room

You might have asked your mum, sister, or best friend to help out during the first couple of weeks of baby’s birth. Preparing their room now will save you time and effort.

Have some towels ready. Change the bed sheet, and buy toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper.

Use Your Imagination

A baby comes with its own set of appliances and what-not. Use your imagination and begin thinking of reorganising your home.

For example, head to your kitchen and look at the appliances on the counter top. Decide which ones are essential (coffee maker, yes) and which ones can be kept momentarily in the cupboard (that waffle maker, perhaps). Make space for a bottle steriliser, a breast pump, and a drying pad for baby’s needs.

Clean Out the Fridge

Preparing Your Home for Baby's Arrival

Aside from the baby’s nursery or your bedroom, another part of the house that you should pay close attention to is the kitchen. Let’s focus on the fridge.

When you get home from the hospital, you won’t have the time nor energy to fix a proper meal for yourself or your family. You might have someone assigned to do this for you, like your mum or partner, so it is best to clean out the fridge.

When it’s nearly empty, clean it from top to bottom. Throw out any expired food or condiments as these can be potentially hazardous to fresh food. Wipe down the shelves and interior with diluted white vinegar.

Now you have space for all those casseroles and pastries your guests will be bringing when they meet your little one.

Quick Tips

Keep mess, dirt, and germs at bay with these handy tips from Pristine Home:

● Have some microfibre cloth near you to wipe any spills or spit-ups. They’re reusable and very absorbent.

● The last thing you want to deal with is clutter and with a baby around, it’s pretty hard to keep your home tidy. Have a basket ready with all your essentials near you. This way everything you need is in it. The basket should be big enough to hold a breast pump, some sanitizing wipes, pacifiers, a baby bottle, and other items which you may deem

● When you have an older child, avoid making them feel left out by assigning them the task of being your little helper. Prepare a small spray bottle filled with water and a mild soap, along with a microfibre cloth. Have them clean out small messes with their new cleaning tools.

Getting a Cleaner: Is It Worth It?

Preparing Your Home for Baby's Arrival

Your days and nights will undoubtedly be busy; let’s not get started with the lack of sleep you’ll be experiencing.

Keeping the house clean and tidy would be a priority but given your low energy and sleep deprivation, it would be understandable if you won’t be able to do such things. However, there is no need to let this chore be a burden to you and your partner.

A baby’s immune system is still pretty fragile, and they would be very sensitive to a lot of things, like dust. They were used to the protective environment of the womb, so imagine their annoyance when they’re suddenly exposed to all of these sensory experiences. The least you could do is to keep their surroundings clean, tidy, and free of any disturbances.

Getting professional cleaners would be one of the wisest decisions you could possibly make for yourself and the entire family. Our team will make sure that everything is clean and in order every time we come over. Scheduling a clean shouldn’t be a hassle; all it will take is a few clicks.

We want you to enjoy parenthood. Every moment spent with your little one will always be a treasured memory. Get in touch with us and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

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