Reasons Why Your Home Might Not Feel Clean

Reasons Why Your Home Might Not Feel Clean.

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Does it ever feel like your home is constantly in need of a general cleaning? Ever felt like you can’t seem to keep everything in check, no matter how thorough and regularly you do household chores?

There are reasons why your home feels like this and we’ve listed them all down for you in hopes that you can shake off that “dirty” vibe.

Why a clean home matters

A clean home is not only hygienic, but is also safe and provides the proper space for a healthy mind and body.

Dust, grime, and bacteria may fester in your home when it isn’t maintained properly. You might be welcoming pests too if you keep leftovers in the sink for too long. Allergy reactions may flare up and the chances of getting sick increases when your home isn’t clean.

Your environment also plays a crucial role when it comes to mental health. When we see a disorganised space, we feel stress. It triggers an unhealthy physiological response in our bodies.

We can’t also discredit the fact that a clean home looks and smells good. When you have an unexpected guest, there’s no need to panic because your home is clean in the first place. This brings peace and tranquility, something which is often overlooked by many.


Reasons Why Your Home Doesn’t Feel Clean

You have too much clutter

Whether you’re in favour of minimalism or not, experts agree that the adage “less is more” applies to home cleaning as well.

Decluttering isn’t for everyone and it can be hard for many to let go of their personal belongings. Here are tips to kickstart your decluttering:

Start with your closet. Go through your wardrobe thoroughly and let go of clothes that you haven’t worn in the past six months to one year. If you haven’t been using them, then it means that they are out of fashion or may not fit you any longer. Accept the fact that you may not be able to fit into those skinny jeans again. Keeping clothes because you “might lose weight” or “it might become fashionable again” just means that you’re allowing precious closet real estate to be filled with clothing you may never be able to use.



Keep only the appliances that are REALLY being used. If you have appliances packed away in the cupboards or cluttering the bench space that are hardly ever used, consider getting rid of them. You can resell them or give them away – you only need to keep appliances that actually serve a purpose! Children’s toys can be donated. Your child has most likely outgrown some of their playthings. As long as they are still presentable and playable, you may donate them to a local charity. Keep toys that your child thoroughly enjoys and let go of the ones that are simply taking up space in your home.

If you aren’t sure of letting something go, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I keeping this?
  • Do I really need this?
  • Has this item served its purpose?
  • Do I know someone who will enjoy this more than I do?

The purpose of decluttering is not to deprive yourself of your wants, but to decrease the number of items in your home.

Check surface areas

The mind can be deceived by what we see. When we roam around a room, our eyes fall on surfaces.

If you have a knack of displaying your collection of figurines from your travels abroad, you may want to consider keeping some in storage and leaving just a select few on display. The same goes to kitchen counters — if it’s filled with appliances that aren’t used on the daily, keep them first inside cupboards.

When we see surfaces that are free of anything – whether it’s clutter or your wide array of cat-themed knick knacks – we immediately register the area as clean.

CLAYGO especially the kitchen

Clean as you go or CLAYGO is a helpful habit to develop no matter where you are. When you apply this to your home, particularly your kitchen, you’ll be able to shrug off that gnawing feeling of having an untidy home.

The kitchen can be a sore spot for many homeowners and cleaning up as soon as you’re done cooking or baking can do wonders. For example, don’t leave dishes in the sink until they pile up. Wash them as soon as you’re done. We’ve mentioned the importance of a clean surface area — get rid of items on your kitchen counter you don’t use. Wipe the table and counters as soon as you’re done with your attempt at being the next Gordon Ramsey.

Cleaning tools should be within your reach

It’s easy to maintain a home when your cleaning tools aren’t kept in some walk-in closet under the stairs. Keeping them handy helps save time and effort when you clean.

You don’t have to spend much and buy a set of tools for every room in your home. Key areas that should have dedicated cleaning materials are your bathroom, kitchen, and a common area (like the dining room or living room — whichever place you and your entire family spend a lot of time in.)



Invest in a bunch of microfibre cloths to wipe down surfaces easily. They are absorbent, washable, and pick up dirt quite effortlessly. Have a spray bottle filled with a simple cleaning solution made of water, a few drops of hand soap, and a bit of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. This mixture not only cleans table tops, counters, and other surfaces, but also disinfects.

You are inconsistent

Inconsistency is one of the main factors why homes aren’t properly maintained. If we find ourselves too overwhelmed by whatever reason, it may affect our cleaning schedule.

If you want to begin truly cleaning your home, start with a routine that you know you can do without fail. Start small as there is no need to pressure yourself. Try doing the dishes after every meal and wiping down surfaces daily.

Remember that small cleaning tasks that are done regularly is much, much better than doing general cleaning sporadically.

Call a professional home cleaner

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. In this case, it’s ok to admit defeat and simply enlist the help of a professional home cleaner. We know how difficult life can be and with so many responsibilities and obligations weighing you down everyday, handing the reins over to a home cleaner will help put your mind and body at ease.

Call or contact us today and hire a professional home cleaner. We offer $20 off of your first booking with us.


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