Tips for managing and keeping an orderly home

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It’s a known fact that clutter, mess and dust can make you sick, quite literally.

So, in between your home cleaning service, whether your service provider comes weekly or fortnightly, the house still needs to be maintained and remain orderly.

Here are my tips for managing and keeping an orderly home:

  • Remember, no clutter! Throw away anything that is a dust collector and absolutely does not need to be on display. If your cleaner comes fortnightly your home will still need to be dusted in between. An electrostatic wipe will grab all the dust in a jiffy and one will do several rooms.
  • Minimize mess in the house by spending 5 to 10 minutes every night putting things away! get the kids and hubby to help. No doubt they would have contributed to the clutter. The situation would seem far worse if you left it until the morning!!
  • An absolute cardinal rule: ALWAYS tidy up before your cleaner comes! Getting things off the floor means you are not paying her to waste time picking up items so that she can just clean. You will be much happier, as this will allow her to do his or her job properly and focus on the important aspects of keeping your home clean – trust me!
  • Keep some moist bathroom wipes in each bathroom in the house. Use these to wipe over surface areas like toilets or better still, teach your kids how to do it. This quick little step will allow for you to keep a cleaner, fresher and more hygienic home as well as allow for your cleaner to focus on bigger activities.
  • Washing dishes or loading the dishwasher as items are used is essential to maintaining a clutter free area around your sink. Have you ever seen a hungry teenager madly looking for a clean plate? Not a pretty sight, trust me I know!
  • I know from experience getting my twin teens to make their beds can be a nightmare. However, if we make this a non negotiable rule it really will free up your time and will literally take them 5 minutes. There is nothing better than going to bed at the end of the day in a neat and tidy bed. I’m pretty sure it calms our brain and helps us rest, well… that’s my theory anyway!

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