Choosing the Best Professional Home Cleaning Service in Sydney

Choosing the Best Professional Home Cleaning Service in Sydney

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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Professional Home Cleaner

It wouldn’t be wise to choose a cleaner at random. There are things you need to consider before officially choosing one cleaning company over another. Being wise and informed in this day and age is, thankfully, easier to do now than ever. Practically anything you want to know can be easily searched on the internet. However, there are certain things that you would be able to know if you inquired or talked to a representative from a cleaning company.

Here are some things you should be considering before hiring a professional cleaner:

What Exactly Do I Want Done?

Knowing which part or room of the house you want to have professionally cleaned can actually save you a lot of money. You can pinpoint exactly where those problem areas are so that when it comes to speaking to a professional cleaning company, you can be specific about the type of service you want done.

This is crucial as not all cleaning services are the same. A basic cleaning from ABC Company would be more comprehensive than the basic cleaning of XYZ Cleaning Corporation. Make sure that when you get to speak to a representative of the cleaning company, you have a list of questions to ask.

There is also the issue of how often you would want to have cleaners over. You can decide to have them weekly, fortnightly, or on a monthly basis.

How Often Do I Want to Have My House Cleaned?

Would this be a one-time thing because you are expecting a few guests in the coming days? Or perhaps you have recently renovated your home?

Maybe you have come to the conclusion that, try as you must, you simply can’t squeeze cleaning into your hectic and busy schedule. You know that you need help.

Booking cleaners on a regular basis is of paramount importance if you can’t do the job yourself. There have been several studies linking a clean home to a better and healthier household. What matters is that you get to decide when and how often you want to have your house professionally cleaned.

Set Expectations

Remember, you should be getting what you pay for. A more expensive quote doesn’t mean that a company has been giving exceptional service, and a more affordable offer doesn’t also mean that you’re being shortchanged.

Setting realistic expectations of the kind of service you want for your home should be your gauge when you have cleaners come over for the first time. See how they handle certain items in your home, if they listen to any special instruction you might have given them, and so on.

If you don’t have any expectations, you would most likely take it as it is and just shrug your shoulders about it.

Choosing the Best Professional Home Cleaning Service in Sydney

Pay Close Attention to How They Handle Your Inquiries

The adage “First impressions last” holds remarkably true to most service-oriented businesses.

Pay attention to how a company representative handled your inquiries or questions. Did they respond promptly? Did they speak in a professional manner? Did they beat around the bush, use flowery words, and tried very hard to convince you to book a cleaner with them?

More often than not, your intuition can gauge if someone is pulling your leg. Sometimes if the offer is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Scout for Reviews and Recommendations

A cleaning company that does what it promises won’t hesitate to showcase its reviews on their website or present to you feedback from past clients who can confidently affirm the quality of service they have received from the cleaning company.

If someone close to you recently recommended a particular, give them a quick call. Ask them
about their particular experience — whether the cleaners arrived on the dot, if any special instructions were followed, and so on — and you can decide from there if this company is worth giving a shot or not.

Aside from reviews, another factor that you will want to think about is how long the company has been in the business of professional cleaning. Usually, the longer a business has been around, the more likely you’ll be getting quality service. They would have raked numerous clients and dealt with various scenarios. This kind of level of experience is what you should aim to look for in a professional cleaning company. Pristine Home has been in the cleaning business for more than a decade, continuously providing quality service in residences and offices around the Sydney area.

Trustworthy Cleaners

Trust is a major issue when you decide to get professional cleaners as you will be opening your home to essentially strangers.

There is no harm in asking a company what their hiring process is. Ask if they do background checks, if the applicant comes with a referral from a previous employer, and if they hire people who have undergone certifications. You can’t always be watching over them even when you’re present while they clean, so it’s best to be open about your concerns and simply ask straight away.

We are proud to say that our employees have been personally interviewed and thoroughly checked before starting a cleaning career with us. We are aware of this major concern amongst homeowners and it is one we never take lightly.

Products and Equipment

Do inquire about the different cleaning tools and materials the cleaners intend to use when they come over. Many cleaning companies often bring their own products and equipment, while would ask the client to provide these instead. Where would you be most comfortable with?

This is a major factor to consider if you have small children and pets at home. Some industrial cleaning products might contain chemicals that could trigger an allergic reaction. Ask if they have natural or plant-based cleaning products. These are just as effective as the ones out in the market today and are generally safe.

If you have varnished furniture or antique items around your home and they special care, don’t hesitate to inform the cleaners beforehand. This will avoid any unnecessary accidents.

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Our experienced and professional cleaners are trained to communicate with our clients in order to cater to individual requirements in their home.


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Our experienced and professional cleaners are trained to communicate with our clients in order to cater to individual requirements in your home.

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