Here Are Simple and Easy Ways to Declutter Your Bathroom

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Believe it or not, our bathrooms harbour many things we realise we don’t really need. For a lot of us, the bathroom is not a place to take showers but also a place to get ready and dress up.

For this reason, we tend to keep a lot of unnecessary items that are taking up precious space. If you’re in the mood to get your bathroom organised, we have some handy tips to help you decide which items should be kept and which should be thrown away.

Ask Yourself: Do I Need This?

Easier said than done for many of us, especially if you’re a beauty junkie who appreciates pretty packaging and luscious scents. Chances are you have a lot of products that are just gathering dust in our bathroom or vanity drawer.

It might be hard to get rid of some them, so we have some questions that you may want to ask yourself first before you chuck that bottle of lotion down the bin:

Is it something I’m using?

Pretty straightforward question and the answer is always a hard yes or no, and not a maybe like “Is this something I could POSSIBLY use in the future?”

Is this an extra item?

Let’s be realistic: exactly how many bottles of X do you need? May it be lotions, shampoos, or facial creams, in reality you really need just one. It also isn’t safe or wise to be stocking up on some products, like cosmetics. Once they’re opened, they have a shelf life of at least three to six months.

Is this something I would buy today?

This will be a helpful question when you’re really on the fence on whether or not you should be getting rid of an item. Ask yourself if it’s something that still adds value to your life and living space, or is it simply clutter? Is it still your style, or have you evolved since the last time you bought the item? As for beauty products, check if the colours are something you’d still want to wear and if it makes you feel beautiful.

Is this making my life easier or better?

We have a few household items that we don’t really see as a necessity, but because it helps make certain easier or more enjoyable, it’s something worth investing in. There is nothing wrong with splurging on such things, but do make sure that you’re buying it for its functionality and it brings you joy.

Things to Keep or Throw Out


Towels take up so much space when you think about it, and it’s best to limit how many you keep in your home. Check which ones still hold its shape and which don’t. Those that have seen better days can be cut up and turned into rags or donated to an animal shelter. For towels that are in good shape, try to limit two towels per person and have and two for when guests come over. If you have extra towels that are still very much usable, donate to your local salvos.


Check which ones have already expired. Usually when a product has been opened, it begins to slowly expire. You’ll know how long a product is still considered safe to use with a number on its label that has an arrow around it. Some products last for 6 months, others as long as 2 years.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of items that are well past their expiration date, it’s time to weed out beauty products that are not your style anymore or have colours that may not look flattering. Keep only what you always use and love and those that make you feel better about yourself.

Makeup Brushes

Check if any of your makeup brushes are losing its fibres; this may be a sign that you need to replace it. If you are also in a habit of always buying sets but only end up using two to three out of a 10-brush package, it’s time to let go of those you don’t need. Ask a friend or relative if they need new brushes. Brushes you intend to keep should be washed with a gentle baby shampoo and left to air dry.

Hair Accessories

Throw away old and unused hair ties, clips, and such. Only keep what you need or use all the time.

Skin care products

Now when it comes to skincare products, be strict. Be ruthless. Get rid of products that don’t work for you; products you hardly use; and products that have expired. Your skin care regimen should be limited to three to four products at the most. If you’re not sure if a product is still good enough to be used, do a patch test at the back of your hand and see for yourself if you develop adverse reactions. You can also do a smell test: take a quick whiff of the product. If it smells “chemical-y” it might have turned bad already. If in doubt, just throw it out!


Medicines shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom in the first place because of the moisture and fluctuations in temperature. As with other products, throw away medicines that have expired or have no use for. It is best to place your medicines in the kitchen.


Take a step back and decide if the decorative item you have is adding value to your bathroom or just another space eater. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a few decours here and there, as long as it is pretty to look at and also functional.

Perfumes and Colognes

Perfumes and colognes tend to lose their scents and break down faster when it’s near a source of heat. Make sure to keep in a place where the temperature is cool and preferably constant. Most perfumes have a shelf life of around 3 – 5 years. Test the scent on you again if you still like it. If it’s still good but you’re not loving the scent, give it to someone else. Try to limit your perfumes to two to three bottles that you enjoy rotating.

Counter Clutter

Last but not least, check how you can free up more space on your counter. See if you can make use of places in your bathroom, such as the insides of cabinet doors or the use of drawer dividers to make organising and tidying up all the more easier!

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