How to Organise Your Bathroom

How to Organise Your Bathroom

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No matter how small or big your bathroom is, there’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting to make it look organised and tidy. Aside from the fact that it looks nice and clean, an organised bathroom will actually speed things up for you whenever you get ready. Gone are the days when you’re scrambling to find this or that; now, you won’t be wasting your time while you prepare for what’s ahead in your day.

We have some handy tips that will help you organise your bathroom, and we hope that it works for you just as much as it worked for us!

Useful Tips to Organise Your Bathroom

Get rid of anything you don’t need

In other words, you need to declutter. We’ve mentioned time and time again about how decluttering will make your life much easier, especially when it comes to cleaning and the same goes for your bathroom. It won’t make any sense trying to organise your bathroom (or any room for that matter) if you have things you don’t even need or use.

Need help deciding what to keep and what to throw away? Check out our blog about it.

Counters should be clutter-free

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the things you don’t need, make sure that counters stay clutter- free. Set aside a small space where you can place a few of your essentials, such as a foaming soap dispenser. There should be extra space where you can place towels, clothes, or any other items you’ll be needing while you get ready or use the bathroom.

Be creative: use the inside of cabinet doors for storage

When you think about it, you have a ton of space that’s begging to be used in your cabinet. Take the doors for example. The inside is basically an open space and with a bit of creativity, you can turn it into another storage area. You can buy over the door hooks or organisers, or you can buy hooks with durable self-adhesive tape to hang hand towels or brushes. If you have children, the cabinet might provide the perfect height for them. Keep their own set of
toothbrushes and toothpastes and they’ll feel like they have their own “space”.

Drawer dividers are your best friends

Toiletries tend to be handy, aka they’re small, and when you don’t have drawer dividers, it can take up time and test your patience when you’re in need of something specific. Since you have already decluttered, investing in some drawer dividers for cosmetics and other small items will help your bathroom look better and more organised.

Get a caddy for each family member

If you share the bathroom with other members of your household, getting each one his or her own caddy will make things a breeze. Each caddy will have their own specific product and items. Not only is this organised, but it is also sanitary. It is never advisable to share things such as shavers and toothbrushes and toothpaste. Since each member has his or her own caddy, they are also responsible for their own belongings.

Add a laundry bin for towels

You may have a laundry bin for soiled clothes, but have you thought about getting one just for wet or dirty towels? This will save you time and energy when it’s due to have them laundered. It is advisable to launder the towels on their own instead of dumping them in with the rest of your clothes.

It might also help to limit the number of towels you have in your home. Towels also take so much space in the cabinet. Two towels per person is enough, and having an extra two or three for when guests stay over is ideal.

Clear acrylic containers will work wonders

We know it’s tempting to be buying all sorts of containers for your bathroom essentials but believe us when we say that getting clear acrylic ones is the way to go. You know what’s inside in a jiffy and since it’s clear, you can see when it’s due to be washed or cleaned.

Cleaning materials should have their own space

Make some space for the cleaning materials you need for the bathroom. It is wise that the bathroom has its own set, while the rest of your home has a separate set. This will reduce cross contamination.

Limit cleaning materials to a 2-3 products, a brush, rubber gloves, and microfibre cloths. Place them in a caddy and keep it safely where young children can’t reach for it. As for your cleaning schedule, always set aside time each day to give the toilet a quick scrub, take out the trash, and mop the floor. Doing this will make deep cleaning the bathroom less of a tedious chore.

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