How to Get the Kids to Clean

child helping their mother to clean the house.

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Cleaning should be a chore that’s shared between all members of the household – and that includes your kids!

We know how difficult it is to get the children to do their chores. But instilling good habits from an early age can make the cleaning process a whole lot easier and even fun! Hopefully these tips can be of use to you!

Let’s get started!

Nagging doesn’t help

From the get-go we’re here to tell you right off the bat that nagging and yelling rarely produces the desired result – a clean house – especially with teenagers.

Constantly nagging isn’t just annoying to them, but to you as well. You might be thinking, “How many times do I have to tell them to clean their rooms?” and really, there’s no straightforward answer to that. What we can definitely confirm is that nagging isn’t the solution.

Instead, try explaining to them not only how helpful it is to you that they are helping you with this chore, but also, how much better they are going to feel a nice, clean room.

Create a rewards system

Some parents aren’t keen on giving out rewards but if done correctly, it has its benefits!

Children have a pretty simple thought process and if they know there’s something to be gained by doing a task, they’re bound to do it in no time!

Rewards don’t have to be in the way of gifts or physical things – it can be a visit to the local arcade or park, an ice cream treat, or even a later curfew for older children. As their primary caregiver, you’re pretty much aware of the things they love; use this to your advantage when it comes to household chores!

You can set up a “price system” for doing certain tasks. For example, taking out the trash earns them a dollar, while mowing the lawn is worth 2 dollars. This is a great way to teach your children that hard work pays off – quite literally.

Give them consequences

On the other side of the coin, you can set consequences for not doing their housework. Common consequences include turning off the wifi (every teen’s nightmare), an earlier curfew, or setting stricter limits when it comes to watching TV and playing video games. More often than not, you’ll find yourself amazed at how speedily your kids can complete their chores, all for the sake of not losing internet connection!

Be the model

We’re not talking GQ or Vogue – but simply showing the kids that you can do some cleaning yourself!

This is especially helpful when you have young children as they like to mimic or imitate the people around them. Start by returning their toys in their proper places and showing your little one what goes where. It doesn’t have to be neatly done; the point is that they’re learning to clean up after themselves.

Another task you can model is putting your dirty dishes by the sink or in the dishwasher, as well as throwing trash in a rubbish bin. These small gestures make a huge difference as they grow older.

Leave them alone

This is a tactic that works wonders on older children. When left to their own devices, teenagers come to realise they simply cannot live in a place that’s dirty or unhygienic and will make the effort to clean the space up themselves – without you nagging them!

Sometimes we need to give our children the freedom to choose to be responsible for their own belongings. This may be a difficult thing to do as their parents or primary caregivers but giving them a bit of independence as they age helps them be more responsible and mature over time.

If you go this route, try to be patient (even though it can be frustrating!). You want them to eventually want to do the cleaning themselves, so try not to give in and just do it yourself.

Why let the kids get involved in cleaning?

Surely some of you might be wondering why you should be delegating such tasks to children when you can do it yourself and yes, we understand that it can be a predicament in some households. The adage “If you want something done, do it yourself” may hold some truth in some situations but when it comes to cleaning, sharing the tasks is the way to go.

There have been numerous studies that show how helping with household chores can mold a child to be more responsible adults. You are also setting an example of how they should be taking care of their own living space when the time comes.

The Takeaway

Cleaning is a life skill that has no age limits – the younger they’re exposed to it, the better! Keeping a clean environment is not only beautiful but also healthy, something which we need to continue to value as we cope with the effects of the pandemic. If you’re serious about getting the children to help you out around the home, we’ve got some more tips and habits you can teach your kids here.

If you’re in the need of a little extra help around the home, you can also work with us – we’re happy to be your partner in crime, sorry, we mean cleaning.

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