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Spring cleaning seems ingrained in a lot of us. When the gloomy weather has ended and we see the sun come out for the first time in a few months, we are inspired to bring a refreshed look to the house and to let the sun shine through the drapes. While some people are more devoted to spring cleaning than others, almost everyone feels compelled to clean, organize and disinfect different spots around the house.

Many health experts have said that there is more to spring cleaning that just cutting through winter’s mess. It offers a myriad of benefits for your peace of mind, your health, as well as your productivity. Less clutter means you avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with sorting through piles of stuff just to find that one item you need. Spring cleaning, when performed correctly, is also vital when you have asthma or other breathing disorders, as it helps clear the air of allergens.

Here, we give you useful advice and workable tips on spring cleaning so you can give your home a face lift despite your hectic schedule:

Start with decluttering

Half of spring cleaning is about de-cluttering and organizing. This includes emptying out cabinets and closet, cleaning all crannies and nooks, and decluttering the content of each shelf in the house.

Here we cover some of the things you should focus on when de-cluttering your living space:

Magazine clutter

If you have a lot of magazine subscriptions, but can’t find the time to actually read them, you will find that they will slowly create clutter inside your home. To begin decluttering magazines, it is important to gather them in a pile, and see how many you currently have. Once you have gathered them, go through each one and ask yourself whether you have already read the content of one magazine. If you have, do you have plans of reading it again or do you need just a few pages to keep from that magazine?

We get it, it’s hard to let go of something you paid money for, so what you can do is to clip out any page that you need.  If you want to recreate a recipe featured in one of the magazines you own, just take that page, put it in a plastic sheet, and organize all those pages in a binder. That way, you can go back to reading them, and at the same time get rid of the other pages that you have already read and have no further use for.

If you believe that a magazine is still useful for other people you know, consider who you can give it to. Maybe you have a friend who needs magazines in her office, or relatives who enjoy reading magazines to take their mind off other things. You can also donate magazines to your local library, retirement communities, and women shelters.

Note: Sorting through piles of magazines is time-consuming, so if you believe that you do not have the luxury of time to do it on your own, do not hesitate to outsource the task and have cleaners supplement some of the de-cluttering you are doing.


Cleaning upholstery and carpets

A regular cleaning of your carpets upholstery is just as important as any other cleaning tasks. It becomes even more important when you live in an areas where you experience harsh winters with a lot of snow, rain, and moisture. The mud, snow, and rain leaves behind dirt and debris that can get into your upholstery and carpets. When you or other family members walk on the carpet, those dirt are spread into the air for the whole family to inhale. Bottom line is that a dirty carpet is more than just an eyesore – it also carries health risks such as stomach illness, skin irritation, respiratory issues, and allergies.

When spring season arrives, there is increased humidity, which means a higher risk of mold growth on your carpet. This is why it is crucial to make sure that your carpets are clean at the start of the warmer season.

If you don’t have the right tools at home to do a thorough cleaning of the upholstery and carpet, consider hiring professional cleaners to do it. This way, you eliminate the need to buy or rent cleaning equipment. In addition, your carpet may require a different treatment based on the cloth it is made of, so hiring carpet cleaners makes sense, as they have are highly-trained to apply the appropriate cleaning method to treat your carpet without causing damage.

Deep clean the fridge

If you are guilty of not cleaning the fridge on a regular basis, you are not alone. Doing a deep clean of the fridge can be time-consuming, and just does not fit into a busy schedule. You may also think that it does not create clutter in the house because you just keep all sorts of food, drinks, and meat behind closed doors. But the reality is that cross-contamination can happen when you leave the fridge uncleaned for weeks at a time. Just imagine the moisture in there, and the dirty hands that frequently touch items inside. In other words, a messy fridge poses health risks. As such, it should be added to your spring cleaning list, and to your regular cleaning list.

Here are some steps to take when doing a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator:

  • Remove all food from the fridge so you can clean all corners
  • Take out the fridge shelves and other removable parts, and soak them in a mixture of dish washing soap and warm water
  • Start cleaning the inside of the empty fridge by wiping surfaces, drawers, and doors using warm, soapy water. Dry them with clean towel after.
  • The next step is to sanitize the fridge by wiping the inside with a solution made from one two parts water, and one part vinegar.

When cleaning the fridge, it is best to stay away from cleaning solutions that have strong chemicals, and stick to gentler ones.


Get Professional Cleaners To Help

No one will judge you for seeking the assistance of professional cleaners to help you with this one-off spring clean. Outsourcing this big task is the practical option especially when you have a hectic schedule. At Pristine Home, we breeze through your spring cleaning list so you can bring new life to your abode without taking your time away from other important things.

If you’d like a quote then all you need to do is enter your postcode on our simple online quote form and within 60 seconds you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay for a spring clean of your home. For more complex spring cleans, or if you need something specific, then give our team a call today and we can help you.

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