7 Tips to Organise Your Home

7 Tips to Organise Your Home

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Owning a house is a privilege and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

But with life happening — family, work, and friends take up pretty much all my time — it’s easy to clean with minimal effort. I let certain spots in the house turn into what I would call “clutter mountains” as they have accumulated items that need to be organised or removed.

I knew that something had to be done or else the whole house would be headed for disaster.

Keep Mess and Clutter at Bay

Sounds easy, but believe me when I say that clutter can easily worm its way into your home if you’re not careful.

Start with Yourself

Before you can even begin to organise your home, begin to assess whether something has been occupying your mind as of late. When something is stressing us out, it’s easy to overlook mess at home. Your mind might be off to Lala-Land while the pile of laundry is steadily growing.

Give yourself a break (albeit a tiny one) and get your act together. Admitting that something has been plaguing your mind and actually doing something about is the first step towards proper self-care and ultimately, a cleaner, more organised home.

Set a System

If you’ve attempted to organize your home and still find that it’s still quite messy, assess your system of organisation and change things up. A good basis if whether a system is working or not is if it takes you less than 15 minutes to clean an area, then it’s a good system. Any effort spent beyond those 15 minutes is a waste.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

It’s fun to browse through the many baskets and containers that you can use to organise your home. It’s also tempting to make a purchase, especially when you know that the round wicker basket goes SO well with your upholstery.

Before you take out any amount of cash or swipe that card, get rid of any unwanted items first. How do you know which ones to let go of, and which ones to keep? I have a guide to help you gauge if it’s worth space in your home or if it’s better off in the bin:

  • 1 year Rule – if it’s something you’ve worn or used it in the past year, keep it. It’s obviously something that’s heavily rotated in your daily life. You’ll be able to decide which items have seasonal value by then. If you’re not sure about whether to keep an item or not, put inside a box and label it as “For Later”. Keep the box in the basement or attic and if you haven’t actively searched for anything inside it in the next year, the box should be on its way to your local Salvo’s.
  • Need or Love – If an item is something you either need (a pair of heavy duty Wellies) or love (a floral sweater from your sweetheart), then it stays. If not, it has to go. Items that give joy, work awesomely, and benefit the whole family deserve a space in your home. Display what you deem to be worthy keepsakes. No one’s going to appreciate something that’s tucked away in a dark corner of your closet.
  • It Matches Your Life – an item that helps you and your family attain goals (like an exercise equipment), keep it. If it doesn’t benefit you in any way at all, then it’s just taking up precious space and it needs to go. Pronto.

Tips to Organise Your Home

Set Limits and Be Picky

To everything. Yup. Every. Single. Thing.

For example, once your house is free of clutter, avoid buying things that can eventually become clutter themselves. Not only are you saving yourself from future clean ups, but you’re also saving yourself some cash. Neat, eh?

Another way to set a limit is to designated a certain part or area of your home to specific materials and let the size dictate how much you should be keeping. It can be as simple as a drawer for art materials, for example. Don’t keep or buy anything more than what you can keep in that designated spot.

It’s pretty tempting to accept hand-me-downs from family members, but you’re free to turn down any item that doesn’t fit into your home or even your life.

Have a Swap Party

Things that have no value to you but might still be purposeful to someone else can be the guest of honour at your next get-together with friends.

Talk to your friends and motivate each other to declutter closet space. If a piece of clothing doesn’t fit or match your current style, trade with friends.

You know what they say — one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Sort, Organise, and Arrange Systematically

When you’re ready to sort items, do so in one sitting. Set a space, like your dining area, and empty drawers or bins that need sorting. This way you can pinpoint right away if there are doubles, items that need to be thrown away, or knick knacks that will benefit others.

I had this nasty habit of dumping random things in a drawer in a poor effort to organise my home. I kicked the habit by placing small containers inside the drawer so that it’s all organised. Begin organising by getting clear plastic containers so you can easily spot what’s inside. Even if you use clear containers, label them. This way everyone in the family is aware of where to put them.

Arrange household items by often you use them. Keep items that you use frequently at eye level or at a spot that is easily accessible to everyone. Seasonal items can be kept in high shelves or in the garage. By maintaining this simple system of arranging, items you occasionally use don’t get in the way.

Remove Open Spaces

We’ve all had that common table or space where everyone places anything on it. Get rid of clutter hotspots by placing something on it — it can be a decorative figure or a vase with fresh flowers. By doing so, you’re signaling everyone (including yourself) that the space is already taken.

Organising Made Easy

Maintaining a home that is clean and organised can be tiresome. By keeping a system of organisation, you’ll find that cleanliness (and your sanity) are intact. Pristine Home is a trusted partner in home cleaning services whenever the need arises. Our cleaners have been extensively screened and well-trained, you can expect your home will be in good hands and spic and span in no time.

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